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In my head, I said, "Wouldn't it be fun if we all did that?

" Obviously, everyone agreed because we all bought them the very next day.

I'm the type that's content with being alone, I've always been this way.

Exploring my possibility, my options are ultimately left open...expectations are nonexistent.

Age should be somewhere in the 30-50 range, plus or minus. I seem to find myself at a different place this year in a few aspects. I'm still progressing with weightlifting and cardiov...

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Green heard about Howard's angry reaction to the news of his demotion. He saw Howard exit the back door of the clubhouse and walked briskly after him, his shock of white hair ruffling in the Clearwater breeze. He'd just crushed 46 homers at the top two tiers of the minors, then popped two more with the big club in September.

This was an alarming sight: Green never walked briskly anywhere, and Green almost never went outside without his hat. He figured he’d earned a spot somewhere in the majors, even if big Jim Thome was blocking him at first base.

Howard, 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, stormed out of the clubhouse. He stomped down the path of crushed stone toward the back fields of the minor-league complex, his eyes burning holes through his shoetops, his bag over his shoulder, humiliated.