The modern dachshund owes its existence to German breeders, who continued to breed the line with a combination of German, French and English hounds and terriers, such as the basset hound, the bloodhound and the pinscher.

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When it's Friday and all you want to do is relax, flip back your ears, and get Mommy to give you belly rubs!! 👌🏻👌🏻A post shared by M A Y A (@mayathedox) on A puppy photo of me at #2Months to help put a smile to your Monday 😊 ................................................

Jennifer George, who owned the dog and is Editor’s assistant at Tatler, tweeted: “Yesterday my tiny much loved man Alan passed away in a tragic accident.

Thank you to all that were there to help, all the kind wishes and all who followed @Tatler Alan.’”She posted a photo of Alan online, and wrote: “He was so awesome and so very loved.

Claims that the duty dogwalker was an unlucky intern were also denied.

The dog had been in the care of a “permanent staff member”, who remained in that capacity despite the incident, the company said.Thank you to all my amazing furriends and followers for your sweet birthday messages and comments so far! "Out comes Dennis, and I couldn't believe it," explained the nursing student.Staff at the high-society magazine Tatler are in mourning after their in-house dachshund came to a grisly end, killed by the office revolving doors.Alan TBH Plumptre, a hound often ferried in the best designer handbags, was doted on at the monthly publication and had gathered 2,500 followers to his own Twitter account.Take your dachshund to the dog park and you’ll probably notice it spending the majority of play time chasing after small animals, such as birds, with the determination and seriousness of a trained athlete.