The usual term for such a woman is “crazy cat lady,” someone who has given up on people to confine herself to a life of feline companionship.While there’s certainly nothing wrong with this decision — it’s something I myself have contemplated every once and while — the surrounding stigma suggests the “cat lady” in question has a small life, lacking in love and affection.Most recently, a cat named Tara saved her two-legged sibling’s life. Brushing and washing your cat regularly also helps (don’t forget Kevlar gloves for bathing). It can be unnerving to turn your head and come face-to-face with your cat watching your every move. Cats out, door closed, and if the yowling is too loud, turn on the air-conditioner. I was walking to work when I noticed a grey border around what I knew was an all-blue dress.

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Studies have shown pets reduce stress, so having a cat makes you a more relaxed, happy, even-keeled person.

This helps attract the right kind of man and makes you more discriminating and less likely to throw yourself at every Tom, Dick or Harry who looks your way.

Along with standard fare, like “collar,” “meow” and “whiskers,” less favorable words like “spinster,” “lonely” and “reclusive” appear (although those are not the words you’re asked to find).

While you may think it’s some sort of sick joke, the unflattering words are part of the Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book, which is available for you to buy, along with other fun Crazy Cat Lady goodies, assuming you know a woman who’s so devoted to her pet she’s skipped a family wedding because Mr.

So she had some babies available for adoption, We ended up getting two cats - George and his brother Fred.

But that doesn't mean we're weirdos destined to be single for life.loves cats that took off last week, accruing over 6.5 million views in only a few days.Since the video took off, parodies have been pouring in to You Tube so we thought we’d put together a list of ten of the best.When you do start dating, it’s never good to be overly available.The man in question need not know you’re home alone enjoying feline company.In fact, there are 12 reasons that being a "cat lady" actually means we make the BEST girlfriends!