Say, “I’m certain that at times you can be lazy or lethargic, while at other times, when you are doing something you’re interested in, you work like a maniac.” People agree with positive statements about themselves and disagree with negative statements about themselves. Say, “Some people think you lack confidence, when you’re really a confident person. In other words, let them know why you know this game, for example: Now simply cold read her based on the heart she drew.

Generally, they confuse the fact that you like to watch and learn before you speak.” To set up this cold read, simply grab a napkin, a pen, and a girl. Pay attention to the size, shape, and line structure.

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However, a complex cold read can really change the dynamics of a relationship.

Check out this video clip of a particularly complex cold read that involves NLP, and blows a few models’ minds: Here are a few basic rules that will help you learn how to make your cold reads more believable and complex. They should also make the person you’re reading feel like everything is specifically about them. Imply specificity by comparing this person’s traits to everyone else’s.

A year after a divorce she didn’t want, or expect, she was convinced she was beyond her sell-by date.

But I coaxed the 54-year-old mother of two into going online.

And it all happened, despite a little while of me being there in the hot seat, more or less effortlessly.

Even not so long ago, I struggled with transitioning into "real" conversation when I was facing women who were professional "talkers" -- reporters, saleswomen, any kind of gal who spoke effusively for a living.I had a date Friday night with a young television anchor for one of the big TV stations in China and Hong Kong.Things started out innocently enough -- she put me in the hot seat early on, treating me almost like how I imagine she must treat her interviewees, asking me lots of questions and making it feel like an interview -- but I soon wrested control of the flow of conversation, and pretty soon things were going swimmingly. Before you knew it we were well into a deep dive, her telling me all about her past relationships and what she thinks the purpose of life is and what she really wants (children, namely).Interestingly, Peter hadn’t attached a photo either.In any case, you have to look at lies on a spectrum.Some psychics say they hear messages, while others visually see things.