First of all, I am one of those people who looked for excuses not to come all day today. But, at the end of the day, I loved him and it only made me feel worse that I was starting to feel such resentment towards a man I once adored.

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She helps individuals just like you to learn why they aren’t attracting the right person, figure out how the opposite sex thinks, and learn to create solid relationships that lead to happy marriages. Today she continues to be happily married and she can teach you her method for creating your own love story! An online dating profile makeover means that you will attract more of the type of person you want to attract, and that they will be interested in you.

Gagnon is a dating coach and relationship counselor. And two short years later, a romantic wedding to a wonderful man. Advice that will help you attract quality people, learn how not to waste time with individuals who are not ready for the type of relationship you want, and how to pace your relationship so it doesn’t fall apart in two months. Gagnon can also help you with your online dating site profile.

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Carol’s advice changed the dynamics of my marriage. Her instinctual ability to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter in relationships and to get her clients to come along with her, at their pace, is matched by her warmth, intellect, and humanity. I approach every relationship now with the a different vision.

Now at the end of April of 2005, my husband wants to get remarried. She is a treasure.” “I just got home and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I know that in my heart I want the best for both of us and every day it is now a pleasure (and not such hard work) to make that a possibility.” “At first, I complained, cried, got angry and re-told my story on how horrible my husband was. ’ conversation probably 20 times with 20 of my friends and family…all of which said that I would be better off without him.

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