They even went so far as to picket the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a young man who was murdered in 1998 for no other reason than the fact that he was gay. Let’s just say it’s no coincidence that WBC has so many lawyers in the family. They picked the most controversial subjects in existence — homosexuality, religion, patriotism, the government — and have blown them into crazy proportions in order to get people to fire back at them. So anybody who defines themself as a feminist probably doesn’t have the, um, a proper fear of the lord. Furthermore, uh, uh, the wife is subject to the husband in all things in that marriage covenant.

The Westboro Baptist Church is America’s most infamous hate-mongers, using the bible and Christianity (at least, their brand of Christianity) to justify savage and hateful messages targeted at almost every group imaginable: homosexuals, abortionists, Muslims, Jews, Roman Catholics, even the United States military. Free speech is one of many things that makes our nation — well, to be quite frank — pretty damn awesome, but this insane, hate-filled cult abuses that right to personally attack the aforementioned groups and their families.

When they’re not stomping the American flag with soccer cleats or posting hateful parodies of popular songs on their website (the homophobic buggers even had the nerve to parody an Elton John song), they travel thousands of miles from their cozy coven in Topeka, Kansas to picket military funerals, gay pride events, Jewish community centers, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I know what these people are doing.

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Too many have madewrong choices that they have later regretted.

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It took about an hour and twenty failed call attempts to reach anybody from the church. S: Well that’s a little bit, you know look, I have my definition of feminism . I worked on a piece there for a while, so I have a philosophical definition of feminism, but then you— feminism is one of those kinda murky, uh, there really isn’t a tightly-wound, uh, you know, disposition there, it’s kinda like nailing jello to a tree. They show us what hate really looks like, thereby solidifying many of our beliefs in true justice, love, tolerance, and equality. And remember kiddies, if the Westboro Baptist Church hates you, that must mean you’re doing something right!