knows that Jughead and Betty are pretty much the best couple ever.

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The photo features Reinhart sitting in a field of flowers, while wearing a flower crown.

He also used a lot of flower emojis and one of a girl as the caption.

days, but it appears Deb and Lili's friendship really got started because of Cole.

More proof, courtesy of Lilli's Instagram story from a hangout session: And you would want your girlfriend to get along with those who know you the best!

And what we found was that there are a lot of similarities between these two couples — Betty and Jughead in and Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse in real life.

Sure, Lili and Cole don’t have to deal with trying to chase down a killer while exonerating their friends and family.

But they do have to deal with the pressures of being a couple in the public eye.

And falling in love in high-pressure scenarios isn’t the only things these two couples have in common.

This also isn't the first time the former actor has shared similar images like that of Reinhart.

Most of his Instagram is filled with professional photos he's taken of different people.

MUST SEE: I Send Pictures of Cole Sprouse to My Roommate Every Day Because Everyone Could Use "The Daily Cole" In . Betty’s a journalist, and Jughead juggles both journalism and the novel he’s working on about Jason’s death.