Please limit discussions to topics that go into improving the article. --Jordana Brewster FAN , July 20, 2013 (UTC) From the article: "Whether by design or by mistake, if Shepard has one person 'locked in' and are at the 'challenge' stage with any of the other possible subjects prior to entering the Omega 4 Relay, Shepard has the option of dumping the 'locked in' subject after completing the finale, provided that Shepard survives.If you wish to discuss matters not relevant to article upkeep, take it to the blogs, forums, chatroom, or discussions module. Doing so will allow Shepard to court one of the other subjects and the intimate scene normally seen before proceeding through the Omega 4 Relay will instead play as soon as the dialogue ends.I would definitively like to know what the answer is. Can my Shepard have sex with, say, Miranda, dump her, and then have my Ashley romance from ME1 continue unaffected in ME3?

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The investment comes as Buick is in the midst of launching seven new models in under 24 months.

Buick expanded its buy from its originally planned 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Koku Gamer writes: "This E3 we were presented with new motion controllers from Sony and Microsoft, both impressive advancements that the Wii began 3 years ago.

Obviously both new systems are more impressive than the Wii's current setup, but Nintendo as previously mentioned are using old technology and are increasing functionality with the Wii motion plus.

However, I don't think people are taking note of a BIG difference between Natal and Sony's motion controller: Natal needs a whole new camera which won't be cheap, I'm sure.

Sony's motion technology works with the CURRENT PS3 Eye camera, and I can guarantee you that buying a motion controller is going to be cheaper than buying an entire camera.

However I didnt get any negative consequences from dumping Jack, despite her only conversation options in ME2 being a definitive "FUCK OFF! However if someone wants to investigate without romancing Liara in Lot SB it might provide more conclusive results.

Garhdo (talk) , July 26, 2013 (UTC) I did as Cattlesquat said and tried it.

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