Try running a query that actually makes the engine do something where the stats might be useful (e.g. The new calculation is only used if trace flag 2371 is enabled, except on SQL Server 2016 when the context database compatibility level is set to 130, where it is the default behaviour.See Microsoft KB 2754171: Controlling Autostat (AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS) behavior in SQL Server Statistics are not updated when data is modified.I refreshed the page, and then it correctly updated to my current level of 131. Play Overwatch showing Level 101: ZGxq Play Overwatch showing Level 131 after refresh: F569However, every thirdparty stat-tracking website such as Master Overwatch and Overbuff, incorrectly show my stats from level 101, and refuse to update to the most recent version, no matter how many times I refresh the stats on their website.

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But in the tiebreak, the Djoker didn't fully seem himself, and when he called for the trainer after the decider, it was clear why.

As pointed out by Ben Rothenberg of the And Murray also struggled with his health in his loss against Querrey, who deserves a ton of credit for a great performance but who clearly didn't face the two-time champion at his best.

Then you can use the analytics page to view your stats.

I couldnt find an official link but this one covers setting the ID: To view your install stats from analytics, do a Report on Behavior: Site content:content drilldown.

and results are being uploaded to the competition your team is involved in, then the main reason for the stats not updating is because the competition administrator has yet to accept the scorecard you have uploaded.

We recommend either waiting until the result has been accepted by your competition administrator, which will in turn update player stats, or contacting your competition administrator to check the status of the result.

Masteroverwatch divides everyone by region like Playoverwatch does, so it's not updating my US stats at all. I checked the site and apparently that hasn't updated for me as well. When the servers were down, I went to Asia and Europe to play a few games since their servers seemed to work fine, and after that, my stats haven't been able to update. Playoverwatch seems unable to retrieve or parse any new data despite the in-game stats showing up correctly.

It did make a separate EU tab that consolidated all my stats into one day, though that's not all that helpful. My profile is showing I haven't played in 2 days and no games/stats have changed on Play Overwatch or 3rd party sites since then. I would imagine something like that would be straightforward to test and fix, but I guess not everyone is concerned with looking up their stats online.

No other statistics on the statistics page is getting updated either, which is also preventing me from seeing my updated stats on Overbuff and Masteroverwatch. I'm not sure how Overbuff updates but logging into another region caused it to only update on their site.

I think they just use the latest stats regardless of region though. Overbuff and Master Overwatch hasn't updated for 4 days. I suspect it's related to the server issues a few days ago as it only seems to apply to the US server and it coincides with the time it went down.

it usually happens on the same dates to most developers. if you link your extension with google analytics, you can then see installs from analytics but its not the same, as the chrome stats also substract uninstalls (not tracked in analytics).