I can’t recommend this instructor highly enough to those who want to combine calligraphy with illustration/illumination and create a personal story.Renee’s knowledge of design and color is truly amazing.

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The class helped me turn the corner and produce quality layouts for future work.

Her techniques to get the creative juices flowing are invaluable.

Honestly, Carole and Adam are one of the best representations of a non-escalator relationship on TV.

The term originated in alternative relationship circles to describe a couple who doesn't aspire to move up the "escalator" of traditional relationship milestones: dating, then exclusivity, then moving in together, then engagement, then marriage, then kids.

Scott is amazing, Carole was great at setting us up.

He's an incredible guy and I'm just lucky to have met him. It's awesome.", Mortimer received flowers from Kluth with a card that read, "Thank you for the best and longest first date ever." So, perhaps Tinsley will soon become Mrs.

Although these feuds were, in general, nothing more than screaming matches, an incident in the penultimate episode of season one led to violence.

After her elimination, an outraged Brooke "Pumkin" Thompson spat on Pollard after the two had exchanged words.

As she's insisted time and again to seemingly baffled producers in confessional interviews, she and Adam simply aren't interested in living together, getting married, having kids, or moving their relationship past anything other than loving each other and boyfriend/girlfriend titles.

Unfortunately (and like the best of us), Carole still sometimes struggles with the pressure of societal expectations. 'But at other times, she's shown total faith in her judgment and ultimately, she seems to know that she's doing the right thing for her.

So unless something terrible has befallen the couple in the last two weeks, we can assume they're still going strong.