It was quickly noted by the nurses at Welbeck Clinic that I was a monster of a baby, leading one of them to remark that I looked like the other kids’ father.

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The so-called ‘tourist’ police appear in their uniforms during the day and then the same officers, in civilian clothes, can be spotted at night in the downtown cinema complex in central Beirut.

And as far as the Ein el-Helweh camp is concerned, where many Islamist supporters live, Lebanon is keeping a close eye Until this Wednesday, the sound of mortar and rifle fire has echoed across the streets of the southern Lebanese city of Sidon.

Outside Israel, in the Middle East the are not many open minded states with the exception of Egypt. Beirut is very modern and has lots of Western type of cafes, restaurants and discos. You can see hundreds of beautiful women with fake boobs and surgically improved noses, you can also see men with golden watches and Italian shoes.

Because it is very open minded but at the same time, it is quite conservative, and it all depends where you put your eye on.

But Ein el-Helweh is supposed to be run by the Palestinians who live there, which is why the Lebanese army recently built a wall around the camp.

Then Abbas turned up to promise that his men would deal with the Isis-type groups in the camp.) Thinking out loud: It begins About four years ago, Omar Chatah actual COO of El Barid Group and restless innovator was skiing with a friend in Faraya one of the famous snow resorts in Lebanon, as he realized one thing.The girl of his dreams could be right there, but he had no way of finding out.Porsche and Mercedes Benz are common luxury brands to see parked outside discos and restaurants in neighborhoods such as Achrafiye and even in more traditional Hamra.Discos are something wild, lot’s of partying and dancing.As usual, the world has ignored it on the grounds that Palestinians have been fighting Palestinians yet again in the largest refugee camp in Lebanon. Palestinian secular factions have been fighting Islamist groups.