Note to researchers: we are keen to facilitate research which will benefit people with ADHD and you are allowed to recruit people for research projects by posting on our forum. Any posts which do not meet these criteria will be deleted.But, the following terms must be met and must be clearly stated in your post: include the following 12 items: project title, project description, the project objective, the design/methods of the project, characteristics of required participants, main outcome measures, names & status of researchers, name of funding bodies, names of any other involved organisations, starting date of project, expected completion date, and contact details. On this podcast Tara and Bonnie will be discussing some important issues related to Expectations, Shoulds and Adult ADD / ADHD. Continue Reading → livingwithadd Diane Dempter joins Tara Mc Gillicuddy on ADHD Support Talk Radio.

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If you have a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or you suspect your young child may a hyperactivity disorder, find out from parents who know.

In this forum, ask all your questions and receive answers from the experts - other parents of children with ADD.

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Welcome to AADD-UK Talk AADD-UK Talk is our online discussion forum where you can ask questions, and chat with others about ADHD and related matters.

Information posted on the forum boards can support but not replace the relationship between you and your doctors or other healthcare professionals.Since experience is the best teacher, no one has better experience than parents.You'll also find support and new friends who understand your challenges like no one else.CBeebies Grown-ups - "Bringing up a child with ADHD, an article by Therese Glynn.One mothers story how ADHD was diagnosed, how the condition affects her son, and how a local support group became a lifeline." Neuro Know How - "We are an independent Neurodiversity consultancy.Learn more about Lynne at: Learn more about Lynne’s Push Past Procrastination program at: ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara Mc Gillicuddy is an internationally recognized ADD / ADHD…