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Records are delivered in XML files, a markup language that encodes documents, and Health Kit is able to decode the file into a readable format, according to the report.

(A report goes through the steps here, and includes screenshots of what the process looks like.) Users will have to submit new medical record requests every time they want an updated copy of their information, as a security measure prevents apps from updating records stored on phones, according to the report.

No further explanation had been given as to how it had reached this conclusion apart from the fact that the credentials were being offered for sale on Russian-speaking forums.

Parliament described the incident as “ongoing” and said it is working with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to identify the culprits.

Hi, I am running several update queries on my access databse but a message box keeps appearing teling em the access is about to update more records than actually exist!

So, I have 62770 records but access keeps telling me it is updating 96309 records.

For example, if you delete the 213th record in a table the sequence of record ID numbers will read ...212, 214, 215...

I'm pretty nee to all this stuff, I have no problems reading from the database but writing new records and updating fields etc is proving to be quite difficult.

The following code is just meant to create a new record in a table, I started the field count at [2] as [1] is an autonumber that I presume would be generated upon creation of the record.

The exception for the highlighted line is; Null Reference Exception was unhandled I'm not sure what part of the code this is reffering to, are there any errors or reasons you can see that would stop the code from working correctly?

Following the theft and attempted sale of login details believed to belong to MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, Parliament has confirmed it has seen "unauthorised attempts" to access "less than one percent" of those accounts.